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Moss Buster

Yes. MOSS BUSTER® is safe to use on all types of structures and surfaces made from concrete, wood, brick, block, blacktop, marble, and stone.

MOSS BUSTER® will not kill anything with a root system, therefore leaving your hardy landscape plants and shrubs unharmed. It is NOT recommended to use MOSS BUSTER® on or near annual plants. 

Generally speaking, a treated area will be free of moss/lichen for a year, but it could be as long as 4-5 years. However, keep in mind every situation is different and depends on the mossy coverage.

One gallon of MOSS BUSTER® Ready-To-Use Formula is effective within an area of roughly about 315 square feet depending on the thickness/severity of your infestation

Once dry, MOSS BUSTER® Ready-To-Use-Formula is child and pet-friendly. MOSS BUSTER® is made from food grade materials and is safe for children and pet once dried.  Direct contact should be avoided when spraying to avoid adverse skin and allergy reactions.   

Application is very simple, shake the product well and pour into a garden pump or backpack sprayer and apply in a sweeping motion. MOSS BUSTER® should be applied when temperatures are 50°F or warmer, and within a six hour window free of rain.

If your moss is thick (more than 1” thick), you may need to re-treat it.  It is best to treat as directed and let the product go to work. After 24-48 hours if you notice green patches underneath what has already died, you can spot treat the area.

Fungicides, including MOSS BUSTER® can have a distinct odor.  While most people do not find the smell offensive, it may bother those who are generally sensitive to strong aromas. The smell disperses within 24-48 hours depending on the climate conditions at the time of application.

Yes. MOSS BUSTER® can be used inside to kill fast moving moss infestation.  Be sure to use as directed avoiding excess use.